Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Here's Gabe in the tubby after he played with his cake!! This is probably one of his most favorite things to do in the whole world!! He LOVES the tub!! He loves to play with his toys, the faucet, and he has learned that he can splash now......oh great!!! This last picture makes me laugh cause you can see his chub pretty good!! I love having a chubby baby!! I just LOVE having him period!! Like I have said a million times.....he is the BEST thing that has ever happend to me and Aaron!! We Love you Gabey... Happy 1st Birthday!!
Here's Aaron at Gabe's party runnin' the grill!! He hasn't grilled for a while and he had the flames I swear as tall as our house!! But, nothing burned down and it turned out great!!

Here he is playing with his cake!! He actually was slapping it!! He didn't even really eat it....all he wanted to do was squish it and slap it!! He's a funny boy.....but we sure do love him!!

Of course it's Thomas the Train!! When I saw this cake I knew it had to be Gabe's first cake!! It reminds me of my nephew Noah!! If it wasn't for Noah staying with us all those times when they were here visiting....I would have no idea who Thomas is!! I thought it was cute and it turned out great!! Thanks everyone who came to his party!!

Here's Gabey baby on his birthday and his first "real" time in the grass!! Do you think he likes it? Ha Ha.....obviously it's a 100% NO!! He hated it and went stiff as a board!! He wouldn't move a muscle! It was pretty funny!! I always wondered what he would I know!!

Here's Gabe on his birthday at my parents house!! He likes to do this when we say " so big"!! Oh he's so cute!! Anyway, my mom was so nice to watch him that morning while I was at work!! I only worked a half day so I could be with my little man on his 1st birthday!! Of course he had no idea what was going was a normal day to him!! I think it was more for me!! I had a pretty hard time with his birthday.....i'm a big baby!! I just can't believe how fast this past year went!! I have loved every single minute of it!! And I know i'll love every single minute of the rest of his life!! He has definitley been the BEST thing that has ever happened to me and Aaron!! We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our Gabey baby!! Happy Birthday!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

We hope everyone had a Happy Easter!! Ours was great!! It was Aaron's birthday and Gabey's first Easter!! He loved wearing the bunny ears that his babysitters Shanette and Shanelle made him!! It was amazing that he would keep them on!! He loved them!! Doesn't he make the cutest Easter bunny?!! Ok...I am biast!! Anyway, we had a great day and Gabe loved eating all the plastic eggs that his cousins gave him! Notice in the first picture all of Gabe's cousins from Aaron's side!! It's awesome and amazing to me how many he has! There are 22 in all!! I am so glad he has cousins since I grew up with none!! It's something I have always wanted for my kids since I didn't have any cousins....and I think that has definitely come true!! He has A LOT of cousins!! We are grateful for all of them on my side and Aaron's side!! We are lucky to have two amazing families!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Here Gabey is eating his sock!! This may look weird, but is actually completely normal for him!! He loves to pull his socks off his feet and play with them!! He makes me laugh so hard every single day!! He just loves to roll around and on this day eat his socks!! He thought it was pretty fun!! And yes I know his jammies are tight!! He didn't wear these for very long!! I was just trying to see how they would fit him....and I was obviously wrong!! Oh I just love my chubby boy!!

Hey everyone!! The other day I came home from work to find my garage turned into a work shop.....which is normal around my house!! Anyway, to my surprise Aaron was actually working on something for me!! I have asked him to build me a shelf for like 5 years and suddenly here it is!!! He decided to do it for me for mother's day!! I was so flippin excited and still am!! Here are some pics of the eventful day when he put it up on my wall!! I thought for sure he would have some help for this, but no not Aaron!!! He of course had to do it himself....and might I add I thought he was going to for sure kill himself this time!! He didn't die...he survived and here are a few pictures of the event!! Notice Gabey sitting on the shelf before Aaron put it on the wall and then the picture of him sitting in his sit-n-saucer watching Aaron put it up!! Now the problem is finding cute stuff to put on the shelf!!! Thanks to Aaron, Gabe, and my animals for such a great mother's day gift!! I love it!!