Thursday, August 28, 2008

This is Gabe hanging out with his uncle Jeff! He's becoming our little sumo wrestler! I guess I should clairify that Gabe is becoming the sumo wrestler... not Jeff!

Here is Gabe playing with his toy in his highchair! He loves it! He'll play with it for a while and then he gets totally out of control and starts screaming at it! It's great fun!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I took the little man yesterday for his 4 month appointment! He is growing like a weed! He was 15 lbs 9 oz and like 25 1/2 inches long! He is in like the 80th percentile for his age! That's crazy since only 2 months ago he was small and only in the 20th percentile! The doctor walked in and was like "Wow! He's sure takin' off since the last time I saw him"! He is a little piggy and loves to eat ALL the time! Everything is great and his shots went well, but sad since his face went as red as I have ever seen it! He cried, but only for a minute.....then he crashed! It was such a traumatic day!

This is how I found Gabe this morning in his crib! This is his favorite way to sleep! He sleeps just like Aaron.......with their arms sprawled out everywhere! Usually I find him talking to his mobile that has helicopters and planes on it, or he talks to the plane that you can see on his bumper!

Here he is in his new toy! He likes to sit in it and watch tv! Yes, he already loves tv! I'm in trouble.....although he must get it from me since that is pretty much what I like to do! He was watching the olympics in this pic!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Oh how I wish I could sleep like this again!!! Those days are long over....but sooo worth it!!

Here is Aaron and his little twin Gabe! This is right after the amazing hair cut. I have never seen so much hair come from a 3 month old!! It was exciting, but sad too. I don't want him to grow up! Since we cut his hair he looks more and more like Aaron! They make the same facial's crazy! I wonder how I am going to survive living in a house with two Aaron's?!!

I wish you could see this a little better, but it shows what a big smile baby Gabe has!!! It's right before the big hair cut! My guess is that he's smiling at the ceiling fan!!! It's his best friend right now!!

Here's Gabey baby in his tie die with all his hair!!! I miss his baby hair. Although I definitely have more control of it now!!