Thursday, January 27, 2011

Silly Pics of Gabey!!!!

Here are just a few silly pics of my Gabey baby!! He makes me I thought I would share a few of his silly pics from this past year!! I look back at these pictures and can't believe how much Gabe has grown! It is so fun and makes me sad all at the same time!! He is such a joy in our home!! Gotta love him!!!! Oh and we made a huge accomplishment this past week!! NO MORE BINKI.....or Gabe would say blee!! We did it finally!!! It was easier than I thought it would be too!! YES!!! Although he was cute with his blee....but it was way over due that blee went bye bye!! is Gabey being silly!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Baby Gavin.....coming in April!!!!

Here is baby Gavin!! This is a picture of his face and you can see his hand right by his face!! While we were getting the ultrasound.....he waved at us!! This is the picture we got of it!! It was soooo cute!!

You can see that he is pretty much wrapped up in a ball!! He is trying to get his knee!! I love this picture!!! It just makes me laugh and of course smile!!!

Well......all I can say's definitely a BOY!!! Can you see his package?!!! Ha Ha!! So excited to get another boy!!!!

Here is Gavin's profile!! We are excited to be having another baby and another boy!! We truly didn't think we were going to be able to have anymore kids!! Gabe is a miracle and this baby is a complete miracle!! I don't think we have come to fully realize that we are actually going to have another baby!! We are blessed beyond words!! I can't even express how grateful I am for this opportunity!! I get to be a mom one more time!! AMAZING!!!! Thanks to everyone for all your love and support and endless prayers for us!! We can't thank everyone enough!! We have the most amazing friends and family!!! We love everyone so much!! We couldn't have gone through all we have the last 11 years trying to get these boys here if it wasn't for the amazing people in our lives!! Thank you all!!! So......we are due with this little guy in April and his name will be Gavin!! Haven't thought of a middle name yet.....but he will have one by the time he is born!! I hope!!! Thank you all once again!!! Yeah for baby boys!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Go Huskers!!!!!!

I had to put this picture on the blog for Gabey's daddy!! Aaron is sooooo proud when Gabe puts his Nebraska Huskers hat on!! So, here Gabe is with the official Nebraska hat!!!!! Go Big Red!!!

We Love to Cuddle!!!!!

These are just a few silly pics of me and Gabey cuddling!! I always wanted a baby that would cuddle.....and I without a doubt got one!! He has been the most snuggly.....most cuddly baby from the moment he was born!! I have to admit.....I LOVE it!!

Easter Pic......2010

Here is my baby (yes.....he will always be my baby) in his Easter outfit!! I had to put this on the blog cause these are a couple of my most favorite pictures of Gabe!! He just puts a smile on my face!! I love this color on him!! Aaron thinks I am a nerd....but I just love this orange on him!!! Ok......I am a nerd!! Oh well.......I just love my baby!!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ok......blogging buddies......I know you are all shocked!! I started to update my blog again!! Ha ha....I haven't done it since April and I have a lot to catch up on!! I got to at least the 4th of give me another day or so and I should have it updated even more!! Thanks for not hating me for not updating my blog regularly!! And yes......I will be better and keep it updated!! Love you all!!!!

4th of July

Here is Aaron doing the first of many firework cleanups that we had for our "Cul-de-sac of Fire"!! This is seriously one of my most favorite nights of the year!! It is amazing and it only gets better every single year!!!!

Here is the pile of fireworks we had for our famous night!! What a great way to celebrate the birth of our country........the "Cul-de-sac of Fire"!!!!!!

Here's Gabe playing in the dirt!! Big surprise........not!! He is a typical boy and lives in the dirt whenever it is possible!! His favorite is to throw rocks!! I don't care if he does it as long as he doesn't break anything!! I LOVE my little boy!!!! By the way......I have no idea why he's scuzzing me off!!!

Here is Gabey playing in the dirt with some of his cousins!! I'm so glad he has cousins to play with since I didn't grow up with any!! He's having a great time.....especially cause it's all about dirt!!!!
I love my little guy!! It has been nothing but a complete joy having a boy!! I love it more than anything on this earth!! Even if it requires a lot of clean up and black tubbies!! It is worth every single minute!!!!!

Cul-de-sac of Fire!!!!!!

I love this picture simply because I LOVE the mountains!! That is one reason I love where I live.....we are so lucky to have the mountains in our backyard!! I have to just stare at them every single day........they are beautiful!!!!

Here is me, Gabe, and my grandma Ivy getting ready for the "Cul-de-sac of Fire"!!! It is an amazing event that has become a tradition in my family!! I LOVE the 4th of July!! By the way.....I can't help but notice that I have my Cowboy's blanket over me......wahoo!! Go Cowboy's!!!!

Here's Gabey baby and his grandpa watching the other kids do sparklers! child is the only one scared to death of sparklers and fireworks!! So, my dad is a good sport and saves Gabey from the sparklers!!! He is too funny!!!

Here the boys are getting all the fireworks ready!! They live for this day!! They all become little pyro boys.......they can't get enough of the fire!!!

Here is the "Cul-de-sac of Fire" in full force!! Ha ha......I LOVE it!!!!!

Gabe got tubes.......FINALLY!!!!! can tell he is finally feeling like himself again after his surgery!! He makes me laugh......he's such a little goofball!! Yeah for tubes.......they were successful!!!!!!

Gabe's having his apple juice after he got his tubes!! Yeah for tubes!!! It was the BEST thing we ever did for out little man!! He is finally himself again! What a miserable 6 months we had before we finally put the tubes in!!!

Here's Gabe with his daddy right after surgery.....well, actually about 10 minutes after!! He was hysterical the first few minutes or so coming out of the anesthesia!! Finally he calmed down and that's when he was loving his daddy.....oh and Tiger too!!!

Here me and Gabe are waiting for his little ear surgery!! We can NEVER take a normal picture together.....I swear!! He is either goofing off or I look stoned in our pics!! Here he is being silly!!! I guess he's checking out the colored pencils.....who knows!!!!

Here is Gabey baby before he went to get tubes put in his ears! He had no idea what was going on except there were colored pencils and he could color!! He loves to color so I was happy to see they had that there for him!! He makes me serious!!!!