Monday, June 1, 2009

Now that Gabe is crawling all over the place......that means he is now trying to get a hold of my kitties!! Here is poor Berkley trying to rest, but of course he can't because Gabey wants to attack him!! Thank goodness my cats have plenty of hiding places to go to!! My cats have no idea what has just hit them....poor babies!!

This is what I have to do to with Gabe when I am out working in the yard and Aaron isn't home!! He is resigned to his sit-n-saucer!! Let me tell you...he wasn't very happy about it!! He would rather be he just sits there and gets mad at me!! So, we have lots of treats and he has his juice to make him happy for a minute!! Let's just say he didn't last very long like this and he went down for a nap!! Then I was finally able to get something done!!!

Here are a few pictures of Gabe playing in the wheel barrow!! He loved it!!! That's why he started crying in the last picture.....I was making him get out!! I had to though....he was eating sick stuff at the bottom of the wheel barrow!! But, while he was in was the best thing in the whole world to him!! All I can say is he is definitley a boy!! He loves wheel barrows, dirt, and pretty much everything gross!! Gotta love it!!

Here is our crazy dog Amber getting ready to attack the tiller!! She can't stand the tiller, lawn mower, or anything like that!! She goes crazy and attacks them all!! She even attempts to bite them!! I don't know why....maybe to protect Aaron or something....who knows!!

Our dogs Amber (crazy), and Cole!! They love to help in the yard or really anything we do!! They are great dogs and we love them tons!! They are both playing with Aaron's work gloves!! For some reason that is their favorite toy to play with!! They are so much fun!!

Here's Gabey baby in the front yard.....helping us plant shrubs and trees!! He's such a good helper!! I had to put him on a blanket cause he cannot stand to be on the grass!! He freaks out!! So, of course to keep the little man gotta have the blanket!! Heaven forbid he sit on the grass!! The things you do to keep them happy!!

Gabey chillin' on the grass making sure we are planting everything right!! He's such a great help....right?!!! Well, one of these days he will be!!

I think Gabe looks cute in this picture!! I don't know why....I just think he does!! He's watching his daddy!! Gabe loves to be in the middle of it all!!