Saturday, May 23, 2009

Here are some of our family photos we had done in April!! They are also Gabe's 1 year pictures!! I wanted to find a place for his pictures that were boyish the thought came to my mind that it would be fun to do his pictures with trains and tracks!! So, where else would we go than the Ogden Union Station!! It was so much fun and they turned out great!! I got what I was looking for....boyish pictures! Yes....I know I'm weird!! I felt bad for the little man while we were taking them, because it was so cold that day. But, he was a trooper and he hung in there the whole time!! By the end though....he was DONE!! My friend at work....her daughter-in-law takes photos and has taken all of Gabe's since he was born!! She does an amazing job and I would love to refer her to anyone who is looking for fun pictures for a reasonable price!! Just let me know!!

I just love this picture of him!! It is definitley one of my favorites!! I'm surprised we even got this picture....all he wanted to do was eat and throw the rocks!! I am so glad he looked up for a second so we could get this picture of him!! The things we do for a picture!!

I had to put this picture in cause it makes me laugh so hard!! This is so his personality....goofy and silly!! He was spitting or something here....who knows!! He'll do anything that's out of control!! I guess he gets that from me too...oh the poor kid!!

Just being silly again!! It's amazing we were able to get any pictures....all he wants to do is goof off!!

Gotta love the bitter beer face!! I don't know why in the world he's doing that.....oh well, it's still cute!!

Here Gabe is cheesing it!! He obviously inherited his cheesy smile from me!! He is such a fun, loving, good boy!! I just love my Gabey Baby!!