Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2010

Our family pic at the Days Farm Pumpkin Patch!!! It was so much fun and has become a tradition for us to do every fall!!

Here Gabe is in the pumpkin patch being his naughty/silly self!! Oh he makes me laugh!! Gotta say....he picked out some good lookin pumpkins!! Ha Ha!!!

Here is Gabe's famous "Hulk"!! I can't even take him to the pumpkin patch without him doing "The Hulk"!! Oh how I love this little guy!!!!! You can't help but smile!!!

Aaron and Gabey baby!! I thought this was such a good picture of both of them!! Now notice I didn't put mine and Gabey's picture on here.......I'm telllin ya.....we cannot take a normal picture together!! Ha ha!!!

Success!!! Check out Gabey's pumpkins!! And of course gotta love the innocent look he's giving us!! What a character!! This is a tradition I look forward to every single year!! I love fall and Halloween!! I can't believe it is April and I am barley posting fall sorry for being such a slacker!!!