Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's official......Gabe is finally in his new car seat!!! Oh it makes me so sad that he'll be a year in a few weeks!! Where has this year gone?! I can't believe how time flys!! He loves his new car seat and it is so much fun seeing his face as we drive!! He's so funny and makes me laugh so hard....pretty much the whole car ride!! Yes...I am a nerd, but he makes me laugh!! Notice that his sock is off....again!! I really have no idea why I put his socks on him!! But I guess that's what is fun to him right now!! It's also funny to see him throw his toys in the car!! I knew that he did it before....I just never saw him do it!! He can't hide anything from me now!!! Oh and sorry that he didn't smile for the pictures! This is the only expression he would give me in every single picture I took!! I swear he was happy!!!

Hey everyone!! Here is another picture of Gabe!! Yes I realize that this whole entire blog is pretty much about him, but me and Aaron don't do anything exciting!! At least we don't do anything exciting that would make us take pictures of ourselves....and then blog about it!! It's all about Gabe right now and all the fun things he is doing every single day!! One of these days I will put a picture of me and Aaron on.....oh I know everyone is excited for that!! Anyway, here is Gabey pulling his sock off (I don't know why I even put socks on him) and with his blanket on his head! I just thought it was a funny picture!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

This is Gabe's new favorite thing to do.....stand in the tubby and cheese it at the camera!! Oh you can't get him to sit anymore!! He thinks it is so funny and so much fun!! He has to stand at all times in the tubby! I'm surprised we can get him washed up.....actually I don't know how we even get him washed up....he won't stop standing!!! At least he's smiling while he's doing it!! Gotta love a happy baby!!

This is what I came home to the other day......Aaron painting Gabe's lips with blue robin eggs! I guess I just can't leave him anymore.....well, at least while they are selling robin eggs! I have to admit it was funny! I guess at least the blue lips matches his blue shirt and eyes!!

Well Gabey is finally over RSV! Here he is getting a breathing treatment (ignore the complete mess on my night stand)!! That was one of the longest 2 weeks of our lives! I felt so bad for Gabe!! I never realized how sick babies got with RSV!! He didn't eat or drink anything for 7 days....AHHHH! It was scary and now he is no longer my chubby boy!! He lost a lot of weight! All his clothes are all baggy on him...it makes me sad! But he is now finally trying to eat again....and is eating more and more everyday! So, hopefully soon he will be my chubby boy again!! It was so great that McKay-Dee has a 24 hour a day RSV clinic that we could go to anytime we needed to get Gabe his treatments!! For a few days we were there like 5 times a day!! If it wasn't for the clinic they would've hospitalized him! Oh I am so glad that he is finally on the mend and getting back to himself!!! We hate RSV!!

Here is Gabe in some of his many sleeping positions!! Oh I just love when he sleeps....he's so cute and so sweet!!! There's nothing like a sleeping baby!! I know that if I need to get him to sleep that the one person who can is my mom!! The first picture of him sleeping with his arms in the air makes me laugh because that is exactly how Aaron sleeps....he's a lot like his daddy!! And of course he loves to sleep in our bed!! Oh we're in trouble!!

Here is Gabey baby with his Grandpa Harold!! He loves him so much and loves to go to the Weber State games with him....as you can tell!! This is his new Weber State hat!! I went to go get it while we were at the game and bought an infant size thinking that it was plenty big! Well I should know better since Gabe has a bigger head that the infant size wouldn't come close to fitting him!! And of course it didn't fit at all!! So, after trying to get the infant size hat on him....I went back and had to buy the toddler size which fit great!! Oh poor Gabey!! At least the hat fits....right?!!