Saturday, January 1, 2011

Gabe got tubes.......FINALLY!!!!! can tell he is finally feeling like himself again after his surgery!! He makes me laugh......he's such a little goofball!! Yeah for tubes.......they were successful!!!!!!

Gabe's having his apple juice after he got his tubes!! Yeah for tubes!!! It was the BEST thing we ever did for out little man!! He is finally himself again! What a miserable 6 months we had before we finally put the tubes in!!!

Here's Gabe with his daddy right after surgery.....well, actually about 10 minutes after!! He was hysterical the first few minutes or so coming out of the anesthesia!! Finally he calmed down and that's when he was loving his daddy.....oh and Tiger too!!!

Here me and Gabe are waiting for his little ear surgery!! We can NEVER take a normal picture together.....I swear!! He is either goofing off or I look stoned in our pics!! Here he is being silly!!! I guess he's checking out the colored pencils.....who knows!!!!

Here is Gabey baby before he went to get tubes put in his ears! He had no idea what was going on except there were colored pencils and he could color!! He loves to color so I was happy to see they had that there for him!! He makes me serious!!!!


Scilley Family said...

So glad that the tubes have helped Gabe. I felt so bad for the little guy.

-Randall.Ashley- said...

Glad this helped! I'm so glad you updated!! We miss hearing about you and your family!