Thursday, January 27, 2011

Silly Pics of Gabey!!!!

Here are just a few silly pics of my Gabey baby!! He makes me I thought I would share a few of his silly pics from this past year!! I look back at these pictures and can't believe how much Gabe has grown! It is so fun and makes me sad all at the same time!! He is such a joy in our home!! Gotta love him!!!! Oh and we made a huge accomplishment this past week!! NO MORE BINKI.....or Gabe would say blee!! We did it finally!!! It was easier than I thought it would be too!! YES!!! Although he was cute with his blee....but it was way over due that blee went bye bye!! is Gabey being silly!!!


Brittney Shae and Scott Lee Allen said...

I love Gabey, he is so cute.

Scilley Family said...

GOOD JOB GABEY!!!! I knew you could do it. You are getting to be such a big boy. He is so cute and has the cutest personality. Love all his pics!