Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas!!
Gabe's 1st Christmas was a success! I don't know who had more fun....Gabe, me & Aaron, or our cats!! Gabe liked his toys and clothes, but the hit of the day were the bows, tissue, & wrapping paper!! He likes to put everything in his, pretty much he ate his Christmas!! He was eating all the paper and his toys! I even think he was eating his clothes too! The cats were running around like crazy diving into the paper....Gabe loved watching that!! He loves our cats!! Notice in the first pic that we have a huge hole in our Christmas tree...thanks to our cats!! We simply just had a great day playing with Gabe and just relaxing! My grandma came over and so did my brother Jeff!! It was a lot of fun! We definitley can be thankful for many things this year.....our families, our animals, our health, and for Gabe!! We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas too! Happy New Year!!!


Lori said...

Blue is for sure his color !!! He looked so cute in those pajamas !!! Wait til he is older and wants to keep all the boxes to make things with !!! When Logan was younger he had more fun making forts with our big boxes...more than what came from the inside !!!

Lindsey said...

He is so cute! I'm glad you all had a good Christmas. I missed everyone on Christmas Eve but, we will be there next year.